MedOClock®: an app specifically designed for family caregivers.

Compatible with IOS and Android, it is a mobile application designed for simple, effective, secure, and collaborative management that allows the caregivers to connect with the circle of care (family, friends, services, and professionals) surrounding the person with a loss of autonomy. This gives them the opportunity to delegate tasks, conduct follow-ups, get in touch with the team and most importantly, have all the information in real time in one place.

It is also a caregiver/patient ecosystem where all the details of the person suffering from loss of autonomy are gathered in one place. The caregiver can invite anyone he or she wants to join the circle of care, as long as the invited parties also have the application.

MedOClock® was co-founded by Julie Magnan, who is responsible for administration, business development and marketing, and by Alpha B. Diallo, P.Eng, VP Technology and Implementation.

Our mission

Bring the family caregiver out of their isolation and improve their quality of life.

Our story

The idea of creating MedOClock®, a futuristic mobile application specifically designed for caregivers, was born in 2012.

It was during a visit to the dentist with her father that Julie Magnan realised that he had forgotten the complete list of his medications needed for the planned treatment. They were forced to turn around and reschedule the appointment.

Julie then asked herself a series of questions, including: how can we easily share all the necessary medical information to help each other?

Working towards a solution to overcome the isolation of family caregivers

Driven by a real desire to break the solitude of caregivers and to facilitate the transfer of information regarding the person being cared for, Julie Magnan quickly worked on creating a tool capable of facilitating follow-ups, communication and organisation for a person with a loss of autonomy.

Too often, a family caregiver takes charge of the complete needs of a person with a loss of autonomy. The daily life of a caregiver is much more than managing a list of medications.

It is a 24/7 support for:

  • Medical appointments
  • Transportation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Housekeeping
  • Personal hygiene
  • Emotional and administrative support

In short, a lot of work for one person. This increases the burden on caregivers and isolates them from their network that could provide help.

They often end up exhausted and fall ill.

With her years of experience in communication and marketing, Julie began by creating a smart pillbox in 2012, a natural and logical follow-up to her initial interrogations.

A few years later, the company began developing an even more complete technological solution that would eventually become known as MedOClock®, a mobile application, available on both Android and IOS devices, specifically designed to overcome the isolation of family caregivers.

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